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   This site is dedicated to the Magnolia High School Band & Color Guard.
   Anaheim School District, home of the Sentinel, located in Anaheim, CA.
       The Magnolia High School Band & Color Guard Boosters, Inc.
       welcome visitors  to share in the success and history of the band

         We have been motivated by a fantastic group of talented youth.                             Our goal is to take this motivation and carry Magnolia High School                                    Band Boosters to new heights.

               We are extending our support to Mr. Yim as we
           embark upon another successful year. The opening of
           the season has been very impressive. We hope you have
            had the opportunity to experience the band in action.
           Our children are energized, inspired, and dedicated to
            the program. To ensure that this level of excitement
                      continues, we need your support.

        Please plan to be an active member of Magnolia High School
             Band Boosters. Volunteering is a great way to share
              the band’s enthusiasm and vision. The band needs
               you, the organization needs you, and so do our

                We look forward to greeting you at our next meeting.                                                    

                                    MEETING DATES:

         The MHS Boosters meet each Third Tuesday of the month.
      The time of the meeting is 7:00 pm in the Sentinel band room.

    The meetings are used to define the direction needed to make certain that the Magnolia H.S.Sentinel Marching Band continues to move forward

For any Questions or Concerns you can also contact us at our e-mail address: info@magnoliaband.org

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